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The General Auto Insurance Review

Thursday, 25 July 2013 22:19

The General Automobile Insurances, Inc. is an auto insurance provider that sells its insurance products in 27 states. The General offers insurance to drivers who have difficulty getting insurance coverage from other companies due to a bad driving record, a low credit score, or other reasons. Because The General tailors its auto insurance products to higher risk drivers the company’s auto insurance premium rates are usually higher than other insurance providers. High cost insurance is still better than no insurance, and many customers of The General are happy to be eligible to receive insurance if they have a less than perfect driving history.

Pros of The General Car Insurance:

  • Most drivers who apply are accepted
  • Flexibility with payment options
  • Fast online quotes and a modern website

Cons of The General Car Insurance:

  • Insurance quotes will be higher than you might expect
  • Not available in every state
  • Mixed customer reviews online

Background Information

The General Automobile Insurances, Inc. is an auto insurance company that has offered vehicle insurance since 1992 and is a specialty auto insurance provider in the United States. The General is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corporation and operates in 27 states. PGC Holdings Corporation has over 50 years of experience offering auto insurance throughout the United States. PGC Holdings Corporation was recently purchased by American Family Insurance in January of 2013 but PGC continues to operate as a separate entity from American Family.

The General

The General is rated A- by AM Best for the company’s financial stability and is a specialty insurance provider, so it is not ranked among the top 25 largest auto insurers in the United States in terms of market share. The General sells auto insurance through three different subsidiary companies, and sells directly to customers in Arizona. In the other states that The General sells insurance in, customers can receive a quote online or through an insurance broker. The company has a strong market presence in the states of Georgia and California and sells its insurance under the brand name The General Automobile Insurance Services in those states.

Types of Insurance Offered

The General offers auto, motorcycle, boat, motor home, travel trailer, and commercial auto insurance but specializes in auto policies for high risk drivers such as drivers who have been in numerous at fault accidents, with low credit scores, who need an SR-22 filing, and many others who may be denied by other companies. The company claims to offer some of the lowest auto insurance premiums for these high risk drivers and has some unique services such as help with SR-22 filings.

Accepts Most Drivers

One of the main benefits of The General is that they accept most drivers. The General might be one of the only companies that approves a driver with a poor driving record or a less than perfect credit score. They also offer help with filing an SR-22 form for drivers who need to file one to reinstate their driving privileges following an uninsured car accident, a DUI, or other traffic offense. Those who have had a lapse in coverage may have trouble getting auto insurance and may benefit from applying for a quote with The General. The General’s auto insurance policies can be a life saver for people who have been denied elsewhere and who need auto insurance, but there are downsides like high premium rates and negative customer experiences to consider before purchasing a policy from them.

Discounts Available

The General offers discounts for safe driving and along with some of the most common discounts that other insurers offer. The company says that its rates for high risk drivers are among the lowest in the industry, but the rates depend on many factors. Higher risk applicants will generally receive higher premiums than other applicants.

A Modern Website

The General offers a modern website where customers can manage their policies online as well as make payments conveniently. Customers have reported that online quotes are processed quickly. The website also has a variety of information about the groups who might be considered “high risk” drivers, as well as the minimum insurance requirements based on the state. The website is well designed and easy to navigate.

Agent Based Customer Support

The General also offers agent based customer support which can be helpful during the process of insurance shopping, as insurance agents will have a better knowledge of insurance benefits and be able to answer most questions from prospective customers as needed. Other insurance companies sometimes rely on customer service representatives who are not licensed insurance agents and this can reduce the quality of support.

Customer Reviews of The General

Customer reviews of The General on many sites are mixed, with some customers reporting a positive experience with the company and others who were unhappy. Some reported difficulties with having claims processed fairly and on time. Other customers reported that the company has hidden fees for cancellation. The negative reviews should not be taken to represent every customer or the majority of the company’s customers. Both the positive and the negative reviews of The General should be taken into consideration by insurance shoppers as they look for a policy.

The General


Those who have had difficulty getting insurance with other providers should get a quote from The General to see what types of premiums they might be eligible for. Drivers who have more traffic violations and other high risk drivers should be prepared to receive a high quote for their insurance. Anyone who applies for insurance with them should compare the rates that they get to other insurance providers. High premium rates should be expected but for people who need auto coverage and have not had much luck applying at other companies, The General may end up being a good solution.

If you find that the rates you are quoted by The General are too high, you might spend time improving your credit score to try to qualify for better rates or wait until your driving record improves. You can apply for insurance just by entering your zip code on the bottom of this page and seeing the rates and discounts you might be eligible for.

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