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Virginia Insurance
Unless you choose to pay the Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee of $500, you will be required to carry liability auto insurance that meets a minimum standard set by the State of Virginia.

Auto Insurance Coverage Types

Automobile Insurance is mandatory in the U.S. Each state has it's own regulations that each Company must abide by when writing automobile policies. There are two different types of coverage available, one is mandatory coverage and the other is optional coverage.

Family Protection: A family protection endorsement covers you up to your liability limit. If you are involved in an accident and the other person involved is only carrying the minimum coverage, your policy would pick up the difference.

What Affects Your Insurance Price?

The rates of automobile insurance are the result of many variables such as the prior costs of injuries and property damage. Each state has their own Department of Insurance that regulates their own automobile insurance. They look at all the issues related to consumer driving and have to decide what needs to be done to remain profitable. They also need to have the resources available for the unpredictable wrath of mother nature. Listed below are additional factors that will affect your automobile insurance.

Save on Auto Insurance

There are hundreds if not thousands of Insurance websites online. Most sites offer comparison quotes from the Companies who sponsor their agency. It can be very overwhelming trying to figure out what coverage and information you need to get a proper quote.

We have set up our site to easily assist you in getting the best Insurance coverage available. If you enter your information correctly and you qualify for any type of discount, it will be automatically calculated for you. We have listed below a few different types of discounts available to you.