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How to save on Auto Insurance

Sunday, 29 May 2016 19:59

There are hundreds if not thousands of Insurance websites online. Most sites offer comparison quotes from the Companies who sponsor their agency. It can be very overwhelming trying to figure out what coverage and information you need to get a proper quote.

We have set up our site to easily assist you in getting the best insurance coverage available. If you enter your information correctly and you qualify for any type of discount, it will be automatically calculated for you. We have listed below a few different types of discounts available to you.


  • Being a senior has it's perks. You will get 5-10% discount off your premium. Many Companies have started giving age discounts at 50 years of age.

Use of Vehicle

  • The rate for driving a vehicle for pleasure use only, is lower than if you are driving the vehicle to and from work. Low mileage discounts are often missed.

Driving Record

  • If you have a clear driving record, no traffic violations, no accidents, you are going to get a preferred rate which may allow you to be eligible for another level of discounts.

Multiple policies

  • If you have two or more vehicles in the household, you would be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount. This would include any vehicles the kids have if they still reside at home.
  • Multi-line discount - This not only applies to the home policy, if you have a separate boat policy, snowmobile, or an ATV policy, the discounts would also apply to them.

Reward Discounts

  • There are a few Companies that offer a 'New Business' discount for being a new customer. A discount of 5% may not seem like a lot, however on a young drivers rate of $3,000, that is a savings of $150.00. If they are not living at home, that would easily pay for a renters policy.
  • Many will offer loyalty discounts if you continue your insurance with them when it comes up for renewal.
  • Good Student and Good Driving Awards.
  • Approved Driver Training Courses for new and young drivers, is one of the best ways to lower the rate on your policy. If you contact the DMV in your area, they can recommend a eligible course for you.

Alarms and Security

  • You will get a discount on any type of alarm system that was put in the vehicle after you bought it. Discounts for built in manufacturer alarm systems are already included in the vehicle rate.

Completing a quote for yourself on the internet

  • Once you have filled in all your information, answered all the questions and have submitted the application, you may be eligible for a web discount for doing it yourself.


  • There are monthly pay plans available to pay your premiums over a year. This would be subject to a 5% fee on top of the premium.
  • If you do not want a monthly plan, there are alternatives like a 2 or 3 pay options available.


  • If you increase your collision and comprehensive deductibles, your rate will be a little lower than if you take the standard limit.

Compare Quotes and Save Hundreds a Year on Car Insurance

The easiest way to make sure that you are getting the best rates is to ask for quotes from different insurance companies. Get started comparing quotes now!

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