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Ace Auto Insurance Review

Sunday, 15 December 2013 19:48

Ace auto insurance is sold by ACE Group through its network of agents in the United States, and ACE Group is a major global insurance company. Although the company seems to target luxury car owners there are also minimum liability coverage options for regular vehicle owners. Ace is known for its financial stability and for offering a large range of different individual and business insurance options. The company has not been rated by J.D. Power for its customer service, but reviews that have been published on the company website are mainly positive, with some negative experiences being posted on other websites.

Company Background Information

Ace auto insurance is offered by ACE Group, one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in the world and a global insurance provider. ACE Group was founded in 1985 in Hamilton, Bermuda and was authorized for trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 1993. ACE Group offers several different insurance products including health, life, auto and many others. The company has over $90 billion in assets and has received an A+ rating in the most recent A.M. Best ratings. The insurer has a regional headquarters in New York and currently employs over 19,000 people globally. At the moment the company has regional branches in many large cities throughout the world and is one of the largest and most well established global insurance providers. In spite of its large global presence it is not one of the top 25 largest auto insurance companies in the U.S.

Pros of Ace Auto Insurance

  • Backed by a financially stable global insurance company
  • Offers several insurance products

Cons of Ace Auto Insurance

  • Some negative customer experiences
  • A lack of information in general about customer service practices
  • Specialty insurance provider that is not available everywhere


The website does not offer much information on the available discounts but does go into detail on some of the unique benefits of their auto insurance compared to other providers.

Types of Insurance Offered

Aside from the dozens of other insurance products, Ace offers the minimum liability for auto insurance but also higher level coverage for valuable vehicles. Some of the benefits that are offered cater to customers who may own vehicles with a high retail value. For instance, the “Agreed Value” benefit locks in the vehicle value before depreciation if it is declared a total loss, and this results in a higher payout. The “New for Old” benefit replaces a totaled car with a new vehicle from the most recent model year and the “OEM Parts” benefit pays only for original equipment parts rather than inexpensive third party imitations.


The company website is nicely designed and offers regional websites for each global region where it sells insurance. The U.S. website has basic information about the different insurance products offered, and interested customers can find an agent through the agent locator.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews that have been published on their website are generally positive, but some of the reviews on other websites described negative experiences with the company. In particular, difficulties were described with claims processing and customer service.



Ace is a financially stable company but there is little information known about their customer service due to the lack of third party review information. Luxury vehicle owners and owners of high end vehicles may benefit from getting a quote from the company due to the company’s strong financial stability. Other vehicle owners may look at other insurance providers or compare the quote that they get from Ace with other insurance companies. If you are looking for high end or regular auto insurance now you can get quotes from multiple companies by entering your zip code on this page.

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