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Gary's Auto Insurance Review

Monday, 09 December 2013 15:59

Gary’s Insurance offers high risk and non-standard auto insurance options to customers in New Jersey and sells insurance from its Linden, NJ office. The company claims to have been in business since the 1980’s but there is relatively little information available about them online. The company sells auto insurance options to people who may have difficulties getting auto insurance such as those who have been convicted of a DUI/DWI or driving offenses resulting in a suspended license. Minimum liability and comprehensive coverage plans are available along with low down payment options.

Company Background Information

Gary’s Insurance Agency is a high-risk auto insurance agency based out of Linden, New Jersey that sells insurance to drivers who have issues getting insured elsewhere. These drivers may include those who have had a DWI, or who have been convicted of driving with a suspended license. Gary’s specializes in auto insurance in the Linden New Jersey area. The company has not been rated by A.M. Best or by J.D. Power for financial stability or customer support due to its size.

Pros of Gary’s Auto Insurance

  • May offer coverage to drivers who cannot get insured
  • All the standard types of coverage offered

Cons of Gary’s Auto Insurance

  • Not many reviews – the few posted online are negative
  • Small and specialized insurance agency


Although the website has some information about the insurance products offered, there is no information offered about discounts in particular. Customers looking for information on discounts would have to call them and speak to one of their agents for more information.

Types of Insurance Offered

The types of insurance offered are listed on the website and include the following:

  • Medical coverage – covers medical treatments no matter who was responsible for the accident. All of the passengers in the vehicle are covered.
  • Collision coverage – reimburses the cost of repairs for accidents involving any other object.
  • Comprehensive coverage – covers other types of damage such as natural disasters, vandalism or theft.
  • Underinsured motorist – covers the cost of damage from motorists who have no insurance or who are underinsured.
  • Personal injury protection – covers the cost of expenses in an accident such as lost income.
  • And other coverage options

Gary’s offers low down payments on their insurance coverage options as well as immediate coverage.


Gary’s auto insurance website is pretty basic. There is an option to send a quote to the company using the free quote form, and some basic information about the types of insurance offered. There is also some basic contact information including the phone number and address of the Linden, NJ office for Gary’s. The website mentions that customer are matched up with the insurance option that best serves them.

Customer Reviews

There are only a few reviews of Gary’s online which happen to be negative, but it is hard to use only a few reviews to make a judgment about the quality of their customer support. The negative reviews were brief and did not go into much detail about Gary’s.



It is hard to recommend Gary’s as a high risk auto insurance provider for those who are in New Jersey because of the relative lack of information about them online. There are several non-standard auto insurance providers that may be better alternatives than Gary’s because they are more well-known and have more information about their business practices online. Anyone who happens to be shopping for auto insurance in New Jersey and who may have been denied at other providers might see what rates Gary’s has to offer, but if you are shopping now you can get live quotes by entering your zip code on this page.

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