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Concord Auto Insurance Review

Sunday, 15 December 2013 04:04

Concord Group Insurance Companies sell Concord branded auto insurance in four New England state markets: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Concord is one of the oldest and most established regional auto insurance companies and offers some unique discounts and benefits to the region. It is known for its financial stability and consistent performance over time, however there is not much information about the company’s customer support quality and practices, mostly due to its smaller size and regional focus.

Company Background Information

The Concord Group Insurance Companies were first founded in 1928 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insurance Company by George Putnam in the city of Concord, New Hampshire. The first insurance products to be offered were property insurance for Farm Bureau members in the state, and later on automobile insurance was offered in May of 1928. The auto and fire insurance companies were merged in 1952 and the name was changed to Concord General Mutual Insurance Company in 1966. In the most recent A.M. Best ratings, the Concord Group Insurance Companies received an “A” rating for their overall financial stability and well documented financial success. The company currently sells auto insurance in four states in the New England market through a network of over 500 agents.

Pros of Concord Auto Insurance

  • Financially stable and long established company

Cons of Concord Auto Insurance

  • Only available in four states
  • Limited coverage options


There is no specific information on the auto insurance discounts offered by Concord on the company website, interested customers would need to contact one of the company’s agents to get more information on this. The site does mention that multiple product discounts are available for purchasing both home and auto insurance with them. Concord also mentions that there is an accident waiver benefit available, young adult safe drivers discount plan, and others.

Types of Insurance Offered

Concord offers auto, condo, homeowner, renter, recreation, business and loss prevention insurance services. The minimum liability coverage is offered for the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont with other optional coverage options. The coverage applies in both the United States and Canada, and extra supplementary coverage options can be purchased such as roadside assistance and others.

The PACE+ plan offers some unique extra benefits such as a glass waiver to cover the cost of glass replacement, deductible rewards which provide up to $100 off a deductible for every accident free year (up to $500), air bag replacement for accidental air bag deployment, coverage for emergency travel costs such as lodging and meals, and new car replacement without depreciation if the vehicle has been owned for less than 2 years.


The website is simple and has some basic information on the PACE+ programs and basic discount information, but interested customers would need to speak to an agent to get detailed info. Customers can pay their bill and manage their policy from the website, but claims cannot be reported from the website and must be phoned in.

Customer Reviews

We could not find many reviews of Concord auto insurance online, most likely due to the company’s smaller regional focus. It also has not been rated by J.D. Power for customer service in the New England region, also probably due to the fact that it is a smaller provider.



Concord auto insurance is recommended for those who live in one of its four state markets, but better rates or comparable rates may be found at other auto insurance providers. If you would like to compare the rates that you get from Concord with other providers you can enter your zip code on this page and get rates from different auto insurance providers immediately.

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