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Carrier Reviews

Shopping around is the best way to save on auto premiums. While shopping, there are a number of variables that can affect your rates. If you're looking for information about car insurance, Quotes2Compare provides unbiased ratings and car insurance reviews to help you choose the best insurance for your needs.

Meemic Insurance is a Michigan based auto insurance company that specializes in offering auto insurance to educational professionals. Meemic offers insurance only to the states of Michigan and Wisconsin but it offers auto, home, umbrella, and watercraft coverage. The company offers unique discounts and tailors its insurance offerings to education professionals with unique discounts. Meemic Insurance has multiple positive reviews from satisfied customers online, and although it has not been reviewed by J.D. Power it is still a very good choice to consider for educators and employees of educational institutions in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Mercury Insurance Group is a specialty insurance provider that offers affordable rates for auto insurance for the higher than normal risk group in California and 12 other states. It is the 13th largest auto insurer in the United States. Mercury Insurance is a popular choice in California because it offers affordable premiums and discounts for drivers who may have difficulties finding affordable insurance elsewhere. The company has mixed reviews in regard to their claims processing and customer service. Although Mercury is known to offer affordable rates, rates will vary based on a driver’s record and other factors. Their auto insurance can be a viable option for drivers in California who might have had a recent increase in their premiums and are looking for something more affordable.

MetLife Auto and Home is the 14th largest auto insurance company in the United States and is a branch of the larger MetLife global company. MetLife is primarily known for its life insurance products, but its Auto and Home branch is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S., selling auto policies in all 50 states. MetLife Auto and Home offers some unique discounts but it has received average reviews for customer service from independent rating companies. MetLife auto insurance can be a good add-on to consider for current MetLife home and life insurance customers with some of the multiple policy discounts offered.

Muncie Insurance sells auto, business, life and other insurance products to the state of Delaware. The company brands itself as offering the lowest rate possible for its customers. It markets to the high risk driving population of Delaware that may not be able to find affordable coverage due to their driving history. Flexible payment options are offered as well as the standard low down payment options. We could not find any reviews of Muncie posted online, so there is not much information available on the company’s quality of customer support.

New Jersey Manufacturers offers auto insurance and several other insurance products to members of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association and other select groups in the state of New Jersey. The company is known for its excellent financial stability compared to other insurance companies and for its award winning customer service. It is highly rated by third party review organizations for claims processing and customer support satisfaction, and it is one of the best options for auto insurance for those who qualify in the state of New Jersey. It offers unique discounts and reduced premiums in the form of dividends, and it has many unique benefits for its customers.

Ocean Harbor Insurance is a Florida based auto insurance company that specializes in selling minimum liability coverage to the local market. It is a relatively new company that has received a fair financial outlook in the most recent A.M. Best survey, but it has also been marred by customer complaints regarding claims related issues. The company offers a unique roadside assistance program with several benefits and all of the minimum coverage options that the state requires, along with some optional coverage. Florida insurance seekers who are looking for affordable coverage options might consider getting a quote from Ocean Harbor but the negative reviews of the company are a concern and should be taken into consideration.

Omni Insurance is an insurance provider specializing in high risk and non-standard auto insurance and sells its insurance in 15 states. There is very limited information about the company online, and interested customers would have to call them to get information on available discounts, insurance products offered in their state, and other relevant information. Although Omni is a smaller insurance company there are several negative reviews online with various claims of customer support issues, billing issues, claims processing difficulties and various other problems.

Plymouth Rock Assurance is an insurance provider based out of Boston, Massachusetts that offers its auto products to the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is a major provider of auto insurance in those states, and is known for being a financially stable and somewhat innovative company with a modern website and a unique rewards program. Plymouth Rock may be a good choice for insurance seekers in the two states where it sells auto insurance, as the company can likely compete with other insurance providers in the region to offer affordable premiums and good coverage options.

Premier Insurance Services sells a variety of different insurance products including auto insurance to the state of California, and has multiple locations throughout California. It is an agency that offers different products through its insurance partners. Premier chooses to not specialize in one particular type of insurance but sells a wider range of products to be able to reach multiple markets in California. We could not find any independent reviews of Premier, most likely due to the fact that it is a smaller insurance agency, although the few customer reviews that were posted online mentioned some negative experiences of the company.

Progressive Insurance is currently the fourth largest auto insurer in the United States with over 10 million policy holders and is one of the most widely recognized auto insurance companies with its effective advertising campaigns. Progressive specializes in passenger auto insurance but offers other types of insurance through its partners. It has made numerous innovations in the insurance industry and was the first company to use live price comparisons with competitors to show prospective customers exactly how much they can save. Progressive is a good option to consider for anyone looking for affordable insurance from a well-known, professional and experienced auto insurance company.

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