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Carrier Reviews

Carrier Reviews

Shopping around is the best way to save on auto premiums. While shopping, there are a number of variables that can affect your rates. If you're looking for information about car insurance, Quotes2Compare provides unbiased ratings and car insurance reviews to help you choose the best insurance for your needs.

The American Farm Bureau Federation is a national lobbying organization for agricultural workers and farmers with independent branches in each state. Each of the 50 states has its own Farm Bureau branch with its ow n policies. Most of the 50 branches offer their members unique benefits like discounted insurance and investment options, and this is where “Farm Bureau” branded auto insurance comes from.

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the top five largest auto insurance companies in the United States and it sells insurance in all 50 states through a large network of agents. Farmers is known for its financial stability and for several notable acquisition in recent years, however the company has been the subject of several negative customer reviews. The company offers several discounts to its customers and a wide range of insurance options that are similar to other large insurers. Third party review organizations have given Farmers less than average ratings for customer satisfaction.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company offers a diverse range of different commercial and personal insurance options, but for auto insurance the company specializes in high end, luxury, and collectible vehicle coverage. Its products and services are tailored for owners of high end vehicles. Fireman’s Fund is one of the oldest and most financially secure insurance companies in the U.S. and it is owned by one of the largest global corporations in the world. It is known as an innovator in the insurance industry and is a good choice to consider for luxury vehicle owners.

Frankenmuth Insurance is a well-established insurance company that sells insurance in 15 states and offers some unique coverage options to its state markets. Frankenmuth is not a large enough company to have been reviewed by third party organizations like J.D. Power, but it has received positive reviews from A.M. Best for its financial outlook and stability. Frankenmuth has grown substantially from the time it was founded, and currently offers a wide range of insurance options. Although there have been some negative reviews of the company, it may serve as a good option for auto insurance seekers who live in one of its markets.

Fred Loya offers auto insurance to non-standard or high risk drivers in its six state markets. Fred Loya Insurance originated in Texas and expanded its market to the following states: Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, California, and New Mexico. The company is known for picking agency locations that are near public shopping centers, office buildings, grocery stores and other areas with high levels of foot traffic. Drivers with poor credit, a limited driving history, and other drivers who may have difficulties getting insured are a part of the company’s target market. Fred Loya has been the subject of numerous complaints from current and former customers online, mostly regarding customer service and claims related problems.

GAINSCO is a regional auto insurance company that offers various liability and full coverage options to high risk and standard drivers who have difficulties getting insured. The company is known for being a Daytona racing sponsor, but there is limited information available about its products, discounts and customer service. It offers auto insurance in eight state markets through an agent based marketing system, and any detailed information about the company’s insurance products has to be acquired through agents. It has received good ratings from A.M. Best for its financial outlook, but the lack of information about its insurance products and services makes it hard to recommend the company for non-standard auto insurance.

Gary’s Insurance offers high risk and non-standard auto insurance options to customers in New Jersey and sells insurance from its Linden, NJ office. The company claims to have been in business since the 1980’s but there is relatively little information available about them online. The company sells auto insurance options to people who may have difficulties getting auto insurance such as those who have been convicted of a DUI/DWI or driving offenses resulting in a suspended license. Minimum liability and comprehensive coverage plans are available along with low down payment options.

GEICO is one of the most recognizable car insurance companies in the world due to its clever and effective marketing. Regardless of their great marketing, the quality of any insurance provider comes down to their customer experience and the quality of their insurance products. A potential downside for insurance shoppers to consider is that GEICO does not offer insurance agent based customer support, so some customers have reported a negative experience when dealing with support issues. However, the company offers affordable insurance coverage options that make them well worth a look for insurance shoppers. Their high retention rate is evidence that the majority of their customers are happy with their service.

GMAC Insurance was recently rebranded to National General and is an established and financially secure insurance company. It was founded by General Motors to offer auto insurance and other insurance products to GM employees and others. The company provides many unique discounts for GM employees and employees of other GM affiliated companies and organizations, and owners of GM products are also eligible for discounts. Although the company is financially stable it has received some negative reviews from independent rating organizations for its customer service experience.

Grinnell auto insurance is offered by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company in 12 states. Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company is a financially stable reinsurance company that does not sell auto insurance as its main product, but offers coverage for autos and sport vehicles as well as umbrella and home insurance. Quotes cannot be obtained from the company website and there is not much information about the company’s quality of auto insurance customer support. However, it is a financially secure company with a long established history in selling reinsurance in the Midwest, and its auto insurance may be good choice for customers of its other products.

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