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Carrier Reviews

Shopping around is the best way to save on auto premiums. While shopping, there are a number of variables that can affect your rates. If you're looking for information about car insurance, Quotes2Compare provides unbiased ratings and car insurance reviews to help you choose the best insurance for your needs.

Commerce Insurance Company, based in Massachusetts, offers a wide range of insurance products for the residents of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Its sister subsidiary companies offer auto insurance in several other states, and the parent company is MAPFRE, one of the largest and most financially stable insurers in the world. Commerce is known for being the largest auto insurer for the state of Massachusetts and a major provider in New Hampshire. The company offers numerous discounts to its policy holders and unique programs to reduce premium costs. Commerce has had complaints in regards to its claims processing but still remains a popular insurance option for Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents.

Commerce West is a division of Commerce Group, and Commerce Group is owned by MAPFRE S.A., one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Commerce West underwrites insurance for the states of California, Arizona and Oregon and was first established in 1948. It is not one of the most notable auto insurance companies of the West Coast region, however it is a division of one of the largest national auto insurance companies. There is a relative lack of information on Commerce West’s customer support, but Commerce Group as a whole was rated average in the New England region of the United States for customer support satisfaction.

Concord Group Insurance Companies sell Concord branded auto insurance in four New England state markets: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Concord is one of the oldest and most established regional auto insurance companies and offers some unique discounts and benefits to the region. It is known for its financial stability and consistent performance over time, however there is not much information about the company’s customer support quality and practices, mostly due to its smaller size and regional focus.

Ameriprise and Costco have teamed up to offer a variety of vehicle, renters, specialty, and umbrella insurance products to Costco members with some exclusive discounts. Costco insurance is offered in 42 states and the District of Columbia. There are mixed reviews of Costco auto insurance online, with many customers expressing their satisfaction with the affordable price and unique discounts, and others expressing difficulties with customer service among other issues. Ameriprise insurance is known for its affordability and cost savings, and J.D. Power rated Ameriprise favorably for overall customer experience with 4 out of 5 power circles in the California market. With favorable reviews from J.D. Power along with potential insurance savings, current Costco customers may benefit from getting a quote from Ameriprise for auto or other insurance needs.

Cotton States Insurance was an auto, home and life insurance company that offered its insurance products in the Southeastern United States through its two main insurance brokerages. Cotton States was merged with Country Financial at the end of 2012 following a carefully planned 7 year transition period. At the moment Country Financial has all but phased out the Cotton States brand and only offers insurance under its own brand. Former Cotton States customers are still served by Country agents and support professionals, and these customers now can benefit from the large number of coverage options and discounts that Country has to offer. The merger did not change any of the policies that are still held by former Cotton States customers.

Countrywide Insurance is an auto insurance provider that offers its insurance exclusively to the downstate New York market, in spite of its name. Countrywide Insurance has been rated lower than other insurance providers for financial stability by A.M. Best and has also received some negative reviews online. Countrywide mentions that it offers low limit liability insurance at affordable rates, but there is not that much information readily available on the types of coverage that the company has to offer. The negative reviews of the company and its relative lack of financial stability are areas of concern, but it should be noted that company was recently revised to a “stable” financial outlook by A.M. Best.

The Civil Service Employees (CSE) Insurance Companies sells auto insurance in four states and is one of the most established regional auto insurance companies with good financial stability. The company offers some unique discounts to its regional customers and it was first founded to meet the needs of public service employees but later expanded its insurance product offers to the general public. It has received some positive customer reviews but it has not been rated by independent third party customer service review organizations. Some of its unique programs include the SAVE program which offers drivers discounts on their premiums for lower annual mileage.

Dairyland Insurance is a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance and specializes in offering auto insurance to the non-standard driver market along with standard motorcycle insurance in 42 states. Dairyland insures drivers that are considered high risk such as those with DUIs and multiple moving violations, bad credit, drivers with multiple accidents and other drivers that might be considered a higher than normal risk. Dairyland markets its auto insurance to these drivers but sells motorcycle insurance to all types of drivers. Dairyland has several positive reviews for its motorcycle coverage, but its auto coverage has received less favorable reviews. For insurance seekers who may have difficulty getting insurance from other providers, Dairyland offers insurance options and may be considered as a viable alternative to other insurers.

Del Toro Insurance sells auto insurance products to the South Florida with extensive advertising campaigns and markets its products to high-risk drivers in this area. Del Toro is not a widely known insurance company, but it has grown in the South Florida market since 1998 and works with larger insurance companies that underwrite its customers’ policies. Del Toro sells the minimum liability coverage required by Florida along with other coverage options. The company’s quality of service and financial status is relatively unknown due to the lack of customer reviews and independent third party ratings.

Direct General offers auto insurance in 13 states and markets its auto insurance products to high risk drivers who may have trouble getting coverage from other providers at an affordable rate. It offers flexible down payment options to be an attractive option for drivers who need insurance but may have a poor driving record or less than perfect credit. The company has been the subject of some negative reviews regarding various problems with customer support and claims. There are multiple coverage options offered including a roadside assistance program and emergency protection program.

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